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  Phytmax Acid Liquid
Phytmax Acid is a mix of organic acids and essential oils that work with synergistically in favor of microbial flora and mucosal immunity of the intestinal flora.
It promotes the proliferation of epithelial cells, which contributes to improve nutrient absorption and digestibility of diets.
It corrects pH of intestinal tract  
It controls the microbial populations  
It favour the nutrient absorption  
It stimulate the feed intake  
It reduces the negative effect of stress  
It improves the digestibility of diets  
  Recommended feeding rate  
Add in pre- starter and starter diets or during all fattening period in drinking water.  
Poultry 100 - 300 ml/ 1000 l  
Pigs 150 - 200 ml/ 1000 l  
Broilers 500 - 1000 ml/ 1000 l  
18 meses en su embalaje original y guardado en un lugar fresco y seco a (menos de 35 Cº), sin exponer directamente al sol.  
Packaging bottle of 1 and 5 l . Container of 400 and 1000 l .  
Register nº 38310-CAT  
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